The Global Odyssey: Invitation

The Global Odyssey: Invitation

In this document, the Chief Explorer explains the purpose of the Excerpt series of 100 leadership development stories taken from 15 LogBooks of his Global Odyssey. He offers a personal invitation for individual leaders to join with him in reviewing, reflecting on and reacting to the Excerpts extracted from the 15 LogBooks of his Global Odyssey (see page 15).

The Innovation Expedition team, working then out of the world-famous Banff Centre in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, recognized in the early nineties that a new style of leadership had become the key point of leverage for a nation, an organization or an individual in the fast-changing, global, knowledge-based economy, with its different operating principles. Don’s desire was to understand how to better prepare himself and others for success in this kind of world.

While the stories in the Odyssey are built around Don’s personal learning experiences, he has also placed these experiences in the context of Canada’s journey from colony to contributor as it stepped out from behind the influence of Great Britain and began to develop different types of relationships with countries in Africa and Asia, and increasingly became a destination for immigrants from those countries.

The stories also addressed two other significant themes in the evolution of Canada. The first, involves efforts by aboriginal Canadians to gain widespread acceptance and support of their distinct position in Canada. It addresses why some aboriginal characterizes themselves as a “Fourth World” facing issues similar to those other marginalized countries often referred to as the Third World.

The stories also deal with Canada’s evolution from a society in which official racism was quietly but effectively embedded in government policies, to an official multicultural society—a startling journey.