For over five decades, Don has wandered the world seeking breakthrough ideas and the people behind them. During this journey he has taken on the roles of educator; entrepreneur; administrator; researcher and product designer; and mentor for change leaders.

Born from over 50 years of exploration are Don’s amazing stories. For the first time, these stories have been captured to not only serve as a mesmerizing read, but to inspire and motivate individuals around the world.

In his 80th year, Don vowed to share his many inspiring stories. They have taken on the shape of “LogBooks”, and the Excerpts that divide them into parts, that chronicle the major events that shaped his life and his career. While the Log Books focus on his past, Don has also chosen to continue to write “Scouting Reports” (or blog) about his current adventures and the fascinating people he meets along the way. If you’re looking for resources and not tales of exploration, Don is also sharing a rich ‘Knowledge Bank’ that is home to many of his greatest tools in innovation.

You are invited to share in Don’s journey, whether you draw your own lessons from his Log Books or celebrate the adventure he writes about in his Scouting Reports.

Whatever it is that has brought you to this spot…